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Over the last 12 years, I have analyzed over 800 different businesses in a variety of industries. This included small startups to medium size ecommerce stores, websites offering b2c & b2b services, government portals, mobile apps etc... 

I have noticed that many of the successful businesses had one magic formula in common. 

They all followed the formula of the rich... 

There are only 3 ways to generate wealth... 

One - Grow your customer base

Two - Make them buy more during any transaction (Increasing average order value)

Three - Make them buy again

One of my mentors taught me that you only need 100 true fans to be super successful in anything that you do. 

That 100 true fans would buy everything that you have to offer, at whatever price you put forth, they follow you everywhere & recommend you over everyone.

Now, take a second, and look at your business.

Do you have 100 true fans? that goes crazy when you offer something of value to them? If yes, you belongs to the 1% of successful business owners, that probably not need my help.

The journey you are about to take with me is to get you 100 true fans. 

Everything I teaches you in this 90 days journey is- 

- How to find them?

- How to build a relationship with them?

- How to services them at the highest level?

- How to make them your True Fans

and I do this all by following

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