Google Launches ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ and ‘Malware Details’ in Webmaster Tools Labs

Google launched two new features that help webmasters know more on how Google see your website. These two features are “Fetch as Googlebot” and “Malware Details.” As you may know, Google before doing an official release of any tools launches the application under the banner Google labs where they gather the customer experience to see the chances of improvisation. The two new features can be found under your webmaster tools under the banner Labs which comes next to “Diagnostics” in the left hand side menu.

Fetch as Googlebot – How does my website look in Google? Is that a common question you have in your mind? Most of us say “Yes”. I have done a quick search on this and I could see that most of the Forums have this as an active subject of discussion. You know why? Search algorithms changes frequently and we can only keep track of them if we move close with an authentic source like official Webmaster Forums. Things that are not visible to search engines will be visible in the next morning – is that how search algorithms improve? The new feature gives you a spider view of your page. Though we have many tools that help us show the spider view of the web page (SEO Browser is one of the best tool of choice) google webmastet tool give us a code view of what google see. Login to your webmaster tool, click on the Website account. Now click on the Labs feature and choose Fetch us Googlebot. Type the URL to fetch or leave blank to fetch the homepage. Requests may take a few minutes to process. Wait and when you see a success status click on the “success” link and see what Google see on the webpage. Other two tools that can be combined with this are, HTML suggestions and Keyword option. This will also help you know if there are any crawl errors and what keywords that Google extract from your web page.

Malware Details- Safe browsing API and Malware notification were the two manual testing methods you might have used in these terms. Now Google launched Malware details option where google provide snippets of codes that are considered malware. This will help webmasters in eliminating spammy malicious code from the website and can also reduce the number of iterations that you go through the website review process. This automated scanning program will be a boon to the webmaster community and ensure secure browsing for its valuable users. You can read more on this feature here.

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