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Mark Cijo 28th November 2020

Take any profession, you need the right tools to succeed.


An artist is nothing without a paintbrush. A sculptor is nothing without a chisel.


Using tools saves us time and gets things done in an orderly manner.

Think for a second how many tools you use in a day? Can you imagine life without them?

When you talk about internet marketing, it is a tedious process which involves a lot of tasks. Doing all of it manually would be time consuming, and hiring other people to do it would be costly.


This is where the various tools for internet marketing come in.

They are real cost-effective options to get a lot of marketing functions done. With these tools, managing your business all by yourself suddenly seems plausible.


You can find tools for each and every internet marketing needs. While this is a good thing it also present a problem...

Currently there are a lot of options to choose from. So finding the right tools may not be easy for you.   

But, good news….

I’m here to help!

In the following you will find a list of useful tools that can help you with your business.


Let me help you in finding the right tools for you so that you save time and money which you could otherwise waste on useless pieces of software. I have personally used and tested these tools and it worked great for me.

Let’s get started shall we?

1. LeadPages

Used by more than 45000 businesses worldwide, this is a great landing page software you can use for quickly building landing pages using the drag and drop feature. They offer numerous templates you can use, all of which are sleek and elegant.


LeadPages is designed to create landing pages of high conversion rates.

High conversion means more sales; you know that right?

2. ConvertKit

Probably you will have to rely extensively on Email Marketing for your business.


Most internet marketers do.


A marketing automation software such as ConvertKit can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on creating user targeted email sequences.

Sounds convenient right?

This is an affordable option too, so consider it if your budget is tight.

3. New Kajabi

Selling a course online?


If yes Kajabi is the right tool that can help you.

It makes it very easy to convert your knowledge-based content into a commercial product.


With this tool you have everything you need to market and sell your course, so go ahead use it and educate the masses.

4. SamCart

A lot of internet marketers are having success with SamCart, a Shopping Cart software.


Perhaps you could be the next happy user.


Many of them reported increase in sales right after they started using SamCart.


Another good thing about this tool is that it integrates very well with other tools you may use.


Definitely worth a try.

5. Host Gator

Web hosting is one of the basics of internet marketing; you need it to set up your site and keep it running.


Host Gator is effective as well as affordable. It comes with a lot of other tools such as site builder.


A good option to consider.

6. PopUp Ally

Lead generation is a vital process when it comes to internet marketing.

You know that already right?

You need to build a list of contacts before you can entice them to become your customers. This is especially true when you are just starting to build a list.


PopUp Ally is a free Wordpress plugin which actually anticipates user needs and shows pop-ups accordingly.


We all know pop ups can be annoying for the user - PopUp Ally does it quite carefully, so you can use it without worry.


Sounds good?

7. Evernote

You may have already heard of this widely used tool.


For those who have no idea what it is….

It is a app for writing and organizing notes. If you are someone who notes down everything then this tool is ideal for you - it is a lot less messier than sticky notes and easier to keep organized.


A great tool for brainstorming and idea generating sessions.


And, oh yes, the basic package is free to use.

8. DropBox

You may have to use a lot of files for your business. Using your device’s local storage is not ideal as you need the files from anywhere. It is also more organized to have it all in one place.


So what are you missing?


A good tool for file organization. You can use it for free and upgrade later if you wish.

9. Last Pass

Do you have the tendency to forget your passwords?


If yes, don’t be ashamed. You are not alone.


Many people struggle to keep track of which password they use where. They often end up clicking the dreaded Forgot Password link.


You don’t want to go through that process do you?

Last Pass is a password manager that can eliminate this struggle. It can prevent you from writing down your passwords, rather unwisely.


You can also use it to securely share credentials.


A very handy tool I think.

10. Canva

These days people rarely have the patience to read long texts.

Same goes to the users of your website.


Therefore you will have to resort to using images to capture their attention - they also make your website more descriptive.

This is where Canva comes in….

It is a tool for non-designers to create images for their needs. Most of the features of the software is available for free.


It can’t hurt to give it a try can it?

11. 99Designs

You badly need a graphic designer but you are tight on your budget. And you do not have the time to do it yourself (or don’t know how).


There is a way out of this pickle….

99Designs offers the solution. This crowdsourcing platform can be used to hire affordable and professional designers for your business needs.

12. Meet Edgar

Chances are that you rely on Social Media to bring in traffic - not surprising as it is an excellent source of traffic besides search engines.

So this one should not be missed.


Meet Edgar is a tool that can automatically post to social media based on a set schedule. More than that, it can recycle your posts, which means you are spared the trouble of creating new content.


You can use Meet Edgar to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

13. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software use you can use to quickly set up sales funnels.


It is an all in one tool you can use for plenty of marketing functions. They have numerous time-tested funnel templates for your specific requirements that you can quickly set up.


The best thing about this tool is that it can help you set everything up easily and quickly - no hassle. A robust tool to scale up your business.

Sounds like something that can help you?


People nowadays prefer chat messages in place of emails, for the reason that it seems more personal.


Also chatting is more real-time than emails so they will get answers promptly.


All in all messenger marketing is all the rage these days. offers you are a way to chat and interact with visitors on your page. The best thing about it is it is completely free.

Yes! There is no premium package; it’s all free.


You can create an account in less than 30 seconds.

15. Optimizely

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that you can use to improve customer experience on your websites.


You very well know this….

Providing a positive customer experience is a key thing for your business. Optimizely provides A/B testing functions as well as user personalization.


These are important measures to increase the conversion rate of your websites.

16. Siteground

This is another webhosting site that needs to be considered.


Like most good webhosts they guarantee 99.9% of uptime - if they fail this they would compensate you.


Nice right?

Also, it is very easy to set up a site with their tools.


Moreover, they claim to have excellent support.

17.  GoDaddy

You surely must have heard of GoDaddy before. It is simply the #1 domain registrar in the world, with about 18 million customers.


They have hundreds of domain names and, given their large customer base, they offer them at highly competitive prices.


Also, they boast of an award winning 24/7 customer support.


Keep these in mind if you ever need to buy a domain name.

18. Drip

Email marketing automation is always in need on the net, so Drip is a tool that you may consider.


Key thing with email marketing is that it should be personalized to each customer - Drip can help you with that. You can start for as low as $1 and upgrade as you go down the road.


Sounds good?

19. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is not just for email marketing automation; it also offers Sales, CRM and Messaging services.


So it is an all-in-one tool you can use for your business.


Another good thing…..

You can try the software for free without the need to submit credit card details.

20. Hotjar

Understanding what goes in the minds of your visitors is crucial in determining the strategies you can use to convert them into leads.

But how can you do that without being a psychic?


Well, Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool you can use for that purpose.


One unique feature of theirs is Heatmap: a map which shows user activity on your website, such as clicks, taps, scrolling, etc.


With this tool you can gain insight of the mysterious minds of your potential customers.


And turn that to your advantage.

21. Google Tag Manager

This tool is a tag management system for tracking and analytics of your websites.


You can use it to add HTML and Javascript codes to your website without knowing how to code. Google offers a lot of default tags that can prove useful for your website.


Google products are really worth a look so I suggest you look into it.

22. Thrive Architect

This is a site builder that is specifically built for businesses.


The drag and drop builder will save a lot of time you spend on creating your high converting website.


Also, it comes along with 270 landing page templates that are focused on conversion.


That is no small number is it?

Use this tool to build high converting websites within the minimal amount of time.

23. Thrive Themes

The Wordpress themes offered by Thrive Themes is aimed at conversion - you should aim for conversion too.


If you are looking to increase sales, anyway.

The themes are specifically designed for clarity, readability and speed.

And you also get a ton of features at your disposal. 

Sounds like fun.

24. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads will offer you everything you would need for generating leads and building your list - the first step of acquiring a customer.


You can create any type of opt-in form with it and perform A/B testing to determine which works better.


Get this tool to quickly grow your email list.

25. Thrive Clever Widgets

We talked about user personalization before. It is important to provide relevant content to the user so that they may take some desirable action.


Clever Widgets can show content that the user is likely to be interested in.


Needless to say, this will lead to higher conversion rates.

So what are you waiting for?

26. Thrive Headline Optimizer

Internet marketing experts say that only 2.6 seconds is enough for a visitor to decide to stay on your page or leave.

And do you know?

They spend this time reading the headline.


It goes without saying how important the headline is. The Thrive Headline Optimizer can split-test headlines for you and present you with the highest performing one.

27. Thrive Ultimatum

One of the best ways to urge people to buy your stuff is by offering a limited time (or stock) deal.


That’s right.


You create urgency in the user to buy your product, which works out well for you. Thrive Ultimatum can help you do this through countdown timers and evergreen scarcity campaigns.

28. Thrive Ovation

Showing social proof of your business is one sure way to gain the trust of your potential customers.


Let’s face it, no matter what you say your visitors will never completely believe you.


And who can blame them?

The solution is to let them hear from your customers, who are real people like them. Thrive Ovation can help you in creating trust winning testimonials.

29. Thrive Quiz Builder

Adding interactive elements to your website can increase the engagement of your visitors.


With this tool you can build quizzes that can even drive traffic to your website. Also, through quizzes you can gain valuable insight from the users.

30. Thrive Comments

User comments is an invaluable way to receive feedback from the users. It allows them to voice their opinions on your content, which can help you improve on it.


Also, increased user activity will tell visitors that are lot of people are interested in you - which is social proof.


Thrive Comments offers a lot of features such as Upvotes/ Downvotes and gamefied comments.

31. Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize is a premium add-on for Thrive Architect that offers a simple, fast and effective split testing function.

It is vital that you continuously split test your funnel - Thrive Optimize will help you in numerous ways here and save a lot of time.

32. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the widely used analytics tool by internet marketers worldwide.

Partly because it is from Google, the search engine that matters, and partly because it is free to use.


With it you can monitor and analyse traffic to your websites.


Almost everybody uses Google Analytics, so should you.

33. Google Adwords Editor

If you run one or more Google Ad campaigns you should consider this tool.


With it you can make bulk changes to your Adword accounts. You can even do it offline - all you have to do is download the accounts and then re-upload after making the changes.


Google Adwords Editor is a free tool you can use to save time with Google Ads.

34. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog offers a tool called SEO Spider, which you can use to analyse the on-site SEO elements of your website and improve them.


Able to efficiently crawl both small and large websites, you can use the tool to boost search engine rankings.

A nice addition to your already growing list of tools.

35. Zoom Conference

Zoom Conference is a cloud service that offers video conferencing among other things.


Why you need it?

Well, If you are a typical internet marketer you will be working with people far away from you, so this is a tool that can lead way for better communication.


They offer fast and reliable conference services. You can even use Zoom to host a webinar.

36.  SEMRush

SEMRush is an all in one tool for internet marketers, able to help with a variety of functions including SEO, Paid Traffic, Social Media and Content & PR.


They have big clients on the web, such as Ebay, Quora, and

Worth looking into, don’t you think?

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